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#FridayReads: June 14th, 2013

FridayReads is a hashtag over on Twitter where people share what they'll be reading over the weekend. I thought it would be nice to bring that hashtag over to my blog, so this way I can share what I'm reading and provide a little more text along with it.

It's been a while since my last FridayReads, but clearly reading a George R.R. Martin novel and studying for finals is a no go as far as fast reading is concerned. That being said, I did manage to finish A Feast For Crows last weekend and during the last couple of days, I powered through Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box.
So for this weekend - and probably some days after - I took a new book from my TBR-shortlist, which is *drumroll please* Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison, book 8 in the Hollows series. It's an Urban Fantasy series about a witch, Rachel, who lives in a church with her friends, the living-vampire Ivy and pixie Jenks (*). Together, they form Vampiric Charms, a supernatural bounty-hunter team and get themselves involved in lots of sticky and tricky situations involving humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears, nudity and death (**). A trip to the Hollows is always a fun and entertaining rollercoaster ride of emotions and crazy wild happenings.

See, whenever I talk about Urban Fantasy, I make sure to mention Kim Harrison, cause I can honestly say that, while I've read quite some UF, nothing comes near what she's written (****). The plot, the characters and the politics and power-struggles involved just match perfectly and make for a great and exciting read. With the events in the previous novel (White Witch, Black Curse), I left the series on a high, so I'm not exaggerating when I say that I can-not wait to see what's ahead for Rachel and her friends.
I've already read the first chapter, and talking about entering with a bang... I haven't seen Jenks - by far my favourite sidekick ever - yet, though, so I hope that the pottymouthed pixie shows his lovely self pretty soon. Cause Tink's panties, I'll be damned if he doesn't!

(*) Wife and kids included.
(**) But that was just bad luck involving a rogue creme brulee torch. It’s VERY unlikely to happen twice (***).
(***) This actually never happened. I'm merely quoting Miranda.
(****) With the exception of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld, another UF-series which I highly highly highly recommend.

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