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A. General remarks.
1. Any review or blog post published here (or on my GoodReads page) may not be copied, cited or used otherwise without permission and reference. I put a lot of time and effort into reviewing a book and thus appreciate your honesty by contacting me before using any of the material provided here.
2. The reviews or blog posts published are merely my own opinion. If you do not agree, I am open to a discussion concerning the topic, but hold the right to moderate comments or remarks that are unnecessarily rude or insulting.
3. Reviews are always spoilerfree, unless noted otherwise.
4. Since the reviews are spoilerfree, please do not put any spoilers in the commentsection for they will be deleted.
5. Seeing as English is not my primary language, please forgive me the odd mistake and/or gramatical error.

B. Concerning reviews.
1. If you'd like me to review a specific book (or a book you've written yourself), you're welcome to contact me on the email provided below.
2. Please bear in mind that I do not review unpublished material and/or audiobooks and eBooks due to lack of an eReader.
3. Unless agreed upon otherwise, I'll review the book in my own time.
4. My reviews are my opinion. If you're looking for a sure glowing review, you might be looking in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you want an honest but fair opinion, feel free to contact me.

C. Other.
1. With every review, there will be a link to The Book Depository where you can purchase the book. This is an affiliate link of the partnering blog Inklingstime. When using these links to buy books, you'll enable us to do more fun stuff on our blogs.

For contact: nick.v.reys@gmail.com

Thank you.

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