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#FridayReads: April 19th, 2013

FridayReads is a hashtag over on Twitter where people share what they'll be reading over the weekend. I thought it would be nice to bring that hashtag over to my blog, so this way I can share what I'm reading and provide a little more text along with it.

A book I'll definitely be finishing this weekend is Laurell K. Hamilton's The Killing Dance. I started reading this series back in 2011 and with an installment every couple of months, I managed to get to the sixth part in the series by now.
I can safely say that this series will never be my top favourite urban fantasy series - perhaps I'll elaborate on those in another post - but it's enjoyable enough to keep reading. It's just one of those books/series that don't really require that much attention but just keep you entertained for as long as they take.
 At the moment, I do think I liked the previous novels a little better for I don't quite enjoy the atmosphere and the sentiments expressed in this novel (Spoilery bit: with a bit too much of a focus on the whole love triangly thing and as a plus, Jean-Claude is annoying the hell out of me), but it's not bad and with still a little over a hundred pages left for the weekend, who knows what'll happen?

Another book I'll be reading this weekend - but definitely won't be finishing, that's for sure - is Terry Goodkind's Stone Of Tears. I am reading this one in Dutch (titled: De Tweede Wet Van De Magie [Wizard's Second Rule]) and it's a monster of almost 900 pages in trade paperback. I'm almost at page 300, so still a long way to go there, but I'm very much enjoying this one. It would be a bit strange if I weren't enjoying it, since it's already the fifth time I'm reading Stone Of Tears. It's my goal - curious to see if I manage it - to reread the entire series this year. I wanted to do this because, evidently, I've read the first few books loads, but the concluding trilogy - which I adore - only once. So I just wanted to go through it and shelf them afterwards for quite a lot of years; cause over the last decade, reading the books five times (or less) makes you remember the story quite by heart.
Seeing as I'm only about 30% in, the story is still developing, but I'm enjoying every single bit of it. Richard is obnoxious as ever, but you just got to love what's going on around him, with Sister Verna and the others. This book is among my favourites of the entire series. Partly because the story if pretty cool, but mainly because of the introduction of the Sisters and of course Nikki. She's one of those characters you just love to hate and hate to love, but she's just so great that I sometimes, later on in the series, find myself wishing that Kahlan would be out of the picture - no offence girl - and Nikki could take her place... Anyway, here's to hoping I'll get to meet Nik this weekend!
If you would like a review on anyof these, please let me know in the comments below. Also, what are you reading?

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