maandag 4 augustus 2014

Between The Pages: On hibernating ...

While most animals hibernate in Winter, I seem to have fallen asleep in Spring. I have not, however, fallen asleep. Life was just happening and as such, I was too preoccupied with all things non-bookrelated. As a result of that, this blog went on a little Spring-hibernation right up till now.

It was never my intention to take some months off from blogging, hence why I'm not calling it a hiatus. I had every intention of blogging - heck, I even had a post in the makings somewhere in March (*) - but I never made sufficient time for it. As such, time went by and by and by. While this blog might not have been one of the most active out there - putting it midly, shall we? - I have not stopped reading in the meantime. On the contrary, I have devoured a good many books, seen some movie-adaptations and written some reviews on them. In the coming weeks, I'll share my thoughts with you one a lot of those books, but also some related movies and/or TV-shows and some other - hopefully - fun posts.
Stay tuned!

(*) That post will never see the light of day. Seeing as it was, back then, an already late recap of the reading year 2014 and resolutions for 2014, I thought it wise to just press delete. I mean, it's August now, even I don't want to talk anymore about stuff that is so 2013.

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