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#FridayReads: May 24th, 2013

FridayReads is a hashtag over on Twitter where people share what they'll be reading over the weekend. I thought it would be nice to bring that hashtag over to my blog, so this way I can share what I'm reading and provide a little more text along with it.
Last weekend, I didn't quite manage to finish Silverthorn, but I did during the week. The book I chose next is one that will take me through the whole of next week and perhaps even longer, cause it is a beast. I'm talking about A Feast For Crows (or: Een Feestmaal Voor Kraaien, in Dutch, since I'm reading the translation) by George R.R. Martin.
I thought the previous book, A Storm Of Swords, was absolutely brilliant. This series, and the third book to be precise, is one that really makes you feel 'all the feels'. The sad and anxiety-related ones had the upper hand, though. I'm really hoping this one is as great a read as SoS was and being 112 pages in already, I'm not disappointed so far.
It's saddening that my precious Daenerys isn't around for this book, but so many awesome new perspectives have been added. Loved the insight in the previously not much present Martel-camp and of course Cersei. Oh Cersei... You might be the HBIC (*), but you're a piece of work girl. It's great to see the contrast between the image of herself which she projected in the previous novels, and the inner turmoil that's presented here. Last night her chapter ended on a high note, so I'm curious to watch the events unfold. Also, nice to have the Martel-insight, but I'm craving for some Tyrel. Bring along Margaery as a POV George! Who wouldn't want that, right?
While on the subject. Today, I got linked to the tumblr of Moshi-Kun, a Tokyo-based graphic designer from France. He restyled some characters from the series as if they lived in the 90's. Definitely check out his work. Here's his 90's image of Daenerys. Just one word: Ferrets! Dragons of ferrets, she's the one true queen.
* HBIC: Head bitch in charge. This acronym must have been created with Cersei in mind, clearly.

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