maandag 20 mei 2013

Serial Reading: A summary

One of the perks of reading Fantasy, is that the genre seemingly consists of nothing but series, trilogies, duologies, ... Well, anything but standalone novels. While this is not entirely true, one might get a different impression whilst browsing the shelves of the local bookstore. This has its drawbacks, though. The wait, for one (*), but also the neverending aspect of some series and the almost unavoidable lesser books in the series that tends to go with those long-term endeavors. I, however, love getting enmeshed in a good series. Getting to know the characters, befriending them and living with them for a large amount of time whilst exploring their world, physical as well as emotional, is what draws me to series rather than single novels.
The one thing I'm not particularly good at, though, is finishing them in timely fashion. Now, I don't like to read a whole series start to finish without anything else in between, but other books tend to come in between quite often here... And when those other books are part of a serie as well, you can imagine how the series I'm currently reading are piling up like there's no tomorrow.

To keep track of all things serial, I decided to regularly (**) update my progress and thoughts on them through the Serial Reading label. There might or might not be separate full lenght reviews on those books, but Serial Reading is solely to ponder a bit about the series in general, diary style, if you wish.

What follows is a short summary on all the series I'm currently reading. If there are more elaborate posts on a specific series available, the series title is clickable in the summary. Between brackets, you can follow my progress (***) in the series.
  • George R.R. Martin, A Song Of Ice And Fire. (3/5)
  • Terry Goodkind, The Sword Of Truth. (2/11)
  • Katharine Kerr, Deverry. (10/15)
  • Ben Galley, The Emaneska Series. (1/4)
  • Raymond E. Feist, The Riftwar Series. (2/30)
  • David Eddings, The Belgariad. (2/5)
  • Kim Harrison, The Hollows. (7/11)
  • Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files. (6/13)
  • Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake. (6/21)
  • Angie Sage, Septimus Heap. (2/6)

These are the series I'm reading on a regular basis. To have a bit of a change - as if I don't already have enough of thath, juggling all these - I do drop in one of these, once in a while.

  • Terry Pratchett, Discworld Series. (5/36)
  • Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum Series. (8/18)
And to spice things up even more, I throw in some other trilogies or duologies. Because these aren't really long-term commitments, they're not mentioned here.

* This does not hold any relevance for me, where most series are concerned. I am so much behind on everything and/or own all the books before starting the first book in the series, that I don't have to wait.
** Or at least my definition of regularly.
*** It's depressive, I know...

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